Civic Engagement at GVSU

Civic Engagement is “working to make a positive difference in the life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. Additionally, civic engagement encompasses actions wherein individuals participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community.” (adapted from Thomas Ehrlich, 2000)

The GVSU Office of Student Life values a cross-institutional, interdisciplinary approach to civic engagement. As a member of the GVSU Civic Engagement Collective, the Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement partners in the advancement of civic engagement and democratic learning across the University. Specifically, the Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement seeks to elevate co-curricular community engagement by creating strategic, intentional engagement programming and partnerships with key GVSU and community partners. The Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement works in close collaboration with two specific strategic partners in this work on campus, in order to provide students, faculty and staff, and community partners with a holistic, cohesive approach to community engagement.

Campus Partners in Civic Engagement

The Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement staff can help you to make connections on campus with academic departments and programs, registered student organizations, and other areas of campus. Please contact the Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement at (616) 331-2345 or [email protected] for your organization's needs.

Johnson Center for Philanthropy

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy is an academic center focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the charitable sector. Their work involves conducting research, teaching effective practices, and providing pathways to service. They make a difference in three ways: enhancing the impact of foundations nationally and nonprofit organizations regionally, improving the quality of community decision-making in West Michigan, and developing the habit of civic engagement among students and faculty at Grand Valley State University.

Office for Community Engagement

The Office for Community Engagement fosters partnerships through which direction, alignment, and commitment emerge. Our community and university collaborations cultivate mutually beneficial opportunities that employ assets, promote collective ownership and action, generate new knowledge, and resolve community challenges. Through these partnerships, we enhance our capacity to prepare students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.

Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center

Pew FTLC provides support for any faculty members who are interested in the development of community based teaching and learning in their courses through the use of:

  • Recommendations for resources that support pedagogically sound community based teaching and learning.
  • Participation in the Community as Classroom faculty learning community
  • Support for new teaching circles or faculty learning communities,
  • On demand workshops for departments or interested groups of faculty,
  • Individual consultations related to creation, maintenance, or evaluation of community based teaching and learning projects

Page last modified September 19, 2022