Democracy 101: A Series of Critical Conversations

Mary Idema Pew Library Multipurpose Room

All events will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Presentation Title


September 11 

By the Numbers

Come learn about the importance of individual votes. We will look at closely decided elections in the past, and empower students who may feel their single vote is meaningless to understand their voting power.

September 25

Student Leader Panel

Be inspired by current Grand Valley students being active and making change on campus. Participants will learn about the impact made by young people organizing for change, and how they can get involved on campus.

October 9

First Time Voter Workshop

Students will learn about how to make a plan to vote, check where they can vote, understand how to vote in-person on election day, what they need to bring with them, and what resources from GVSU are available to them. 

October 23

Ballot Education

GVSU students will learn what is on the ballot in the Presidential election beyond the battle for President. We will look into what else and who else may be up for election and why it is so important to vote in every category possible. 

November 13

Post-Election Reflection

We will have a civil, moderated discussion about how we can move forward as a student body together, no matter which presidential nominee wins the race. We want to foster healthy communication and respect between students.

Have an Idea for a Democracy 101 Event?

Do you have a question about democracy, civic life or student democratic participation that you would like to explore?

Are you interested in presenting or facilitating a workshop or a conversation about a current public issue?

Do you have an idea or a project that promotes civic life and democratic participation that you would like to share?

If so, please share your idea with us at (616) 331-2345 or [email protected].

Past Democracy 101 Event Recordings

Didn't make it? Don't worry - you can still dive in to Democracy 101 by watching the videos below!

The Mythology of the American Dream

Democracy 101: A Series of Critical Conversations

Democracy and the American Dream

Democracy and the American Dream

Student Media and Democratic Engagement

Student Media and Democratic Engagement



Why Democracy Needs the News

Link to GVTV's broadcast of "Why Democracy Needs the News"

Human Rights and the Promise of Democracy

Media Literacy and You

Media Literacy and You

PFAS in Michigan

PFAS in Michigan

Educating Toward Direct Democracy

Hitler's Rise to Power

Gary Stark on Hitler's Rise to Power

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