Request a Presentation or Consultation!

The Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement consultants, graduate assistant, and full-time staff are available for both presentations and one-on-one (or small group) consultations.  We welcome the opportunity to work with student organizations, individual students, classes, and campus departments.

MLK Day presentation


Choose a presentation from the list below

  • Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement Overview
  • Education and Reflection
  • Voter Engagement
  • Media Literacy 
  • Dialogue Across Difference


Consultations: Consult with an Office of Student Life: Civic Engagement staff member about connecting you with specific service opportunities and nonprofit agencies or to focus on tools to use when planning and facilitating a service project. 

To request a consultation fill out the Consultation Form.  A Civic Engagement Associate will follow up with an email of various opportunities to connect with!

Student consulting with the Secretary of State

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