Post Graduation Service Opportunities

Interested in volunteer service for one or more years as an alternative to entering the workforce or graduate school? Click each logo to learn about opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad, and at the bottom of the page, read through some helpful things to consider when thinking about a post-graduation service opportunity. For more opportunities check out the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships

Domestic Opportunities



Casa de Esperanza

Citizen Corps

City Hall Fellows

City Year

Code for America

Covenant House

Families USA

Green Corps

Habitat for Humanity


Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship


Maggie's Place

Math for America

Michigan Education Corps

NYC Urban Fellows Program

Public Allies

Public Health Service

Student Conservation Association

Teach for America

The Teaching Fellows

United Way of America

University Child Development School

White House Fellowship Program

International Opportunities

American India Foundation

Care International

Congressional Hunger Center

Council on International Exchange

Cultural Vistas

Earthwatch Institute

German Academic Exchange Program

Global Health Corps

Global Service Corps

Global Volunteers


Japan Exchange and Teaching

Nanubhai Teaching Fellowship

Peace Corps


Samaritan Inns

Service Civil International

United Nations Volunteers

RVF International

Volunteers for Peace

Questions to Consider:

Why do I want to volunteer?  A simple exercise is to create a list of reasons WHY you are thinking of doing volunteer service after graduation. Make sure you really want to VOLUNTEER.

What type of program do I want?  There are many types of programs. You will need to begin narrowing down those that interest you. Do some research and begin to eliminate programs that do not interest you. An example, if you are debating between  AmeriCorps and Peace Corps, here is an article depicting the differences and which one could be for you?

How will this affect my future career plans and goals?  Think about what you hope to gain from a volunteer experience and how it might fit into your future career plans. What would be some benefits and losses of a volunteer experience on my future graduate school and/or career plans? Also, consider whether you can financially afford to do service instead of working.

How will this affect my relationships?  Parents, families, significant others, and friends are all people that may be affected by your decision. Make sure to talk it over with the important people in your life.

Are there other questions or issues I need to consider?  If you have any physical or emotional health questions or factors that may affect your ability to perform certain types of volunteer work, make sure to discuss those with the program coordinators. Think about other factors or issues unique to you or your situation.

Are there other options I should consider?  Internships, summer programs, short-term opportunities, nonprofit work, human service work, and religious life are all positive experiences related to volunteering.

Information adapted from Boston College.

Page last modified November 21, 2023