Society Track: Author Martin L. Shoemaker

Society Track: Martin L. Shoemaker, Award-winning science fiction author, “Sense of Wonder: Science and Fiction”

Tsiolkovsky. Oberth. Goddard. We went to space because these pioneers founded the science of rocketry. They have inspired generations of engineers, but also generations of writers, directors, and artists who have thrilled the public with adventures in space.

But who inspired them? Verne and Wells, two pioneers of science fiction.

This presentation will briefly explore the ways that science fiction has inspired real space science, and vice versa. We’ll also highlight the “crossovers”, scientists who bring their work to their fiction. We’ll discuss ways that science fiction can teach and inspire the general public as well – and how it can fail. And we’ll explore ideas that are fiction today, but could become science tomorrow.

Page last modified January 9, 2019