Debarati Chattopadhyay

Europa Clipper Operations Technical Lead at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

1:30PM EST., Friday February 16th

Presenting Live via Zoom

Europa Clipper - the quest for habitability on an icy moon

The Europa Clipper mission, launching later this year in Oct 2024, will explore Jupiter's icy moon Europa. The instruments onboard Europa Clipper will help scientists investigate the moon's potential subsurface ocean and look for evidence that the ocean could support life. In this talk, I will discuss the goals of the mission, and describe how the mission operations team here on Earth plans to remotely explore and search for signs of habitability on Europa.

Debarati (Deb) Chattopadhyay is the Assistant Mission Systems Manager for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. She has nearly 20 years of experience in space mission operations and engineering management on a variety of robotic space missions including the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Cassini, and the Mars Curiosity and Perseverance rovers. 

Deb Chattopadhyay

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