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Sam Shamburg

Sam Shamburg

"I'm not from anywhere around here, so GVSU (and the entire state of Michigan) was an unfamiliar place to me until I came here for school. I knew that I needed to do something to get rid of that unfamiliarity. I found out about Group Exercise classes and figured I'd give them a try. After my very first class, I knew I'd made a great choice. I've become physically stronger, I can see my improvement from class to class, and my confidence in myself has grown. Group Ex creates such a motivating atmosphere that makes me look forward to class every day. I've met such great people since I started coming to Group Ex, from people I take classes with to the instructors and people who work around the Rec CenterĀ and the Fieldhouse. GVSU feels more like home to me now, and the Recreation and Wellness community is certainly one of the reasons why.

I participate in Recreation and Wellness events to get myself in good physical shape, and also because working out is something that can always make my day better. I also like seeing all the people around.

Recreation and Wellness has helped me become more involved in the GVSU community. When I'm in group ex classes, I know that nobody there is judging me if I have to modify an exercise or two, or if I'm not doing something perfectly. We're all there to better ourselves, and that's led me to meet some really amazing people. From the physical benefit, to the emotional benefit, to finding a community I feel like I really belong in, I'm glad I became involved with Recreation and Wellness."

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