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I participate in IM Sports because it is a good way to meet other people and to spend time that is not just in studying or school stuff. My favorite part is meeting new people and socializing.

Ben Blackburn

To me, staying active means getting your body moving, getting your heart rate up and getting yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing something that you love or even that you wouldn't normally do. Pushing your body in ways that you wouldn't if you were...

Claire Lane

Staying active is different for everybody, I think it is anything that makes you feel good, or if you have a physical goal that you are trying to work towards. Staying consistent and feeling good about yourself. I am a very competitive person so it is...

Kyle Fulton

Staying active means getting up and getting your steps in, participating in sports, or working out - whatever gets you moving. I participate in IM Sports to have fun, meet new people, and have a good time. My favorite part is hanging out with everyone...

Mitchell Anderson

IM Sports is fun way to blow off steam and have some fun with other people. It is nice to burn calories and have fun; it's a good time, but playing with friends is the best part. Winning is fun obviously, but having a good time in general is fun.

Ryan Marino

I participate in IM Sports because I am a competitive person and I love sports so it is nice to have something to do while also getting away from school. My favorite part about IM Sports is that everyone is so nice; there is a great community around it...

Taylor Ainsworth

I participate in IM Sports to do something fun during the pandemic. My favorite part is being able to keep out of my apartment! Staying active means a lot to me, even if I can't go to the gym, I like to do something else.

Sam Kilbourne

Staying active means being physically active, taking care of yourself, and having fun. IM Sports is something fun to do, and it is nice the Grand Valley offers it for students to keep active after high school.

Sabrina Sharif

I actively pursue my wellness by making it a habit to reflect on what I am currently doing and what I need to add to increase my wellness. This involves watching videos, reading books and having conversations about my health and what my goals are to...

Amanda Filkins

The biggest thing I try to keep up with in my health journey is making it a point to exercise as much as I can. I know on days that I do my mood is much better, I'm able to handle stress easier, I feel more confident, and I feel way less anxious. I...

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