GVSU Recreation Success Stories


Alexandra Sixt

"I joined group exercise in an effort to heal myself from the inside out, and discovered that exercise truly is medicine! After an amazing experience with the Group Exercise Mentorship Program, I'm becoming an instructor to help others find their...

Whitney Card

"The reason I participate in Intramural Sports it to get more involved on campus, make new friends, and compete. I played competitive sports all my life and since I didn't play in college, IM Sports takes their place. IM Sports provide a competitive...

Noah Macomber

"I participate in Intramural Sports because it is a fun way to stay active. It gives me the opportunity to be competitive while playing sports with my friends. I love being able to compete in multiple sports..."

Maddy Berridge

"I REC because I have high anxiety and high levels of physical activity help me through that. Through GVSU Recreation, I have made long lasting friends and have been able to handle my anxiety better. This also helps me focus...

Kyle Meade

"I played sports all through high school, so the weight room wasn't something new to me. However, learning the science behind exercise and diving deeper into nutrition helped me lose 30 lbs and become stronger and healthier. Completing my internship...

Riley Burgess

"I participate in IM sports in order to stay connected with my friends from freshman year! As we've gotten older, we've all gotten more involved in other organizations or within our major, and this allows us to see each other once a week. It's...

Jeremy and Katie Hepner

We've always wanted to travel and explore what's out there so we thought why not start with the United States. We also wanted to take this trip sooner rather than later because we aren't really tied to anything right now. 

Eric Strickler

Jump into the opportunities that come your way for adventure! There are SOOOO many opportunities at GVSU...more than you'll likely ever have available to you with so much convenience. Don't waste your time watching Netflix and Snapchatting... go on a back

Marie Schneider

Never settle nor underestimate yourself!! Your job that you have now may seem insignificant, but there are lessons to be learned around you every day.  Pay attention to the people you interact with, both the customers and your teammates. 

Grant Carrigan

"Immerse yourself in the Recreation lifestyle; not just the job. Embracing the community and your role within it can lead to some pretty great life moments. Second most important..."

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