Clinical Education

Within the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, students complete a total of 38 weeks of full-time clinical education (40 hours per week). During this time, students work with licensed Physical Therapists to apply their academic learning to the care of patients/clients in a variety of clinical practice settings. The objectives of each clinical experience evolve as the level of coursework increases. Clinical education sites for full-time experiences are available throughout Michigan and the United States.

In addition to full-time clinical experiences, throughout the program students participate in clinical observation experiences that accompany academic classes. Through these observations, students gain an enhanced understanding of what they are studying in concurrent courses. A timeline is provided.
Timeline of Full-time Clinical Experiences:
Third Semester (Spring/Summer): One, 5-week clinical education experience
Fifth Semester (Winter): One, 6-week clinical education experience
Seventh Semester (Fall): Two different 9-week clinical experiences
Ninth Semester (Spring/Summer): One, 9-week clinical experience

For additional information, please see the links to the Clinical Education Handbook listed below. 

Page last modified October 4, 2017