Student Achievements

Student Achievements; Awards and Scholarships

Student Achievements for class of 2020

Awards: Department and Graduate 
APTA Liaison: Courtney Tuinier
MPTA Student Relations Committee: Jerika Schmitt, Shannon Fagan
Department Award for Excellence in Discipline: Lynsey Raschke
Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society: Jessica Meengs
Graduate Dean's Academic Excellence in the Major: Hannah Sommers
Graduate Dean's Excellence in Service to the Community or Profession: Courtney Tuinier
Excellence in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Samantha Taylor
MPTA Outstanding Student Award: Jessica Delaney
Glenn Niemeyer Award: Allyson Schultz
Outstanding Final Project Award: Olivia Bruck, Haley Ewald, Courtney Pepper 
Outstanding Publication Award: Jerika Schmitt
Award for Excellence in Leadership/Service to GVSU: Justyna Marasco

Scholarship Awards:
Team Rehab: Kristine Mussell
Dave Daniels: Erik Heckaman, Josh Griffith
Bandstra Clinical: Sarah Laisure, Emily Bode
Bandstra HS: Sarah Johnson, Samantha Taylor, Chris May, Brian Thompson
Urban: Allyson Schultz
Wisner: Katie Blank, Sarah Johnson, Sara Laisure
Volkhardt: Samantha Taylor
Black: Chris May
Perry: Caleb Robinson
Generation Care: Kathryn Blank
Solstice: Lien Tran