Admission Eligibility

Admission Eligibility

Grand Valley State University's (GVSU) Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program utilizes the Physical Therapist Centralized Application System (PTCAS) for the application process. Please refer to to get general information about the PTCAS process. GVSU specific information is posted on the PTCAS website. Students may begin applying when the application portal opens.    APPLY NOW

Application and all supporting documents for PTCAS and GVSU must be VERIFIED by PTCAS no later than the  October 15 deadline. NOTE: It can take PTCAS several weeks to verify applications. Unverified PTCAS applications are considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.   

How do you know if your application is VERFIED? – refer to ‘Check Status’ at top right corner of your PTCAS to confirm the status of your application. Definitions of Application Statuses. Your PTCAS must be VERIFIED by October 15.

Program eligibility requires the following:
Completion of Bachelor's degree.

Completion of Prerequisite courses. All prerequisites must be taken for letter grades. For each course, a grade of C or higher is required. The prerequisites and undergraduate degree must be completed by the first day of classes of the professional program.
GVSU Physical Therapy requires all prerequisite courses to be completed with LETTER (A, B, C) or NUMERICAL (4.0, 3.0, 2.0) grades. Prerequisite courses completed with Pass/Fail or Credit/No credit will not fulfill the program’s admissions requirements. The program does accept AP credit (advanced credit) as the exception.

Prerequisite Course Name GVSU Course Equivalent (in parentheses)

  • Introductory biology (that includes cellular structure and function) with lab (BIO 120) ;
  • Anatomy with lab (BMS 208 & 309, strongly preferred )
  • (Beginning with the Class to be admitted in 2019) two chemistry classes with a lab
  • Physiology with lab (BMS 290 & 291, strongly preferred)
    • Anatomy &  Physiology I & II may substitute for the above 2 requirements (BMS 250 &  251)
  • Exercise physiology (MOV 304 )
  • College algebra or trigonometry or calculus (MTH 122 or 123 or 125 or 201)
  • Statistics (STA 215 )
  • Two sequential courses in physics with lab (PHY 220 & 221)
  • Introductory psychology (PSY 101 )
  • Lifespan developmental psychology (PSY 364 )
  • Introductory sociology or social problems or cultural anthropology (SOC 201 or 205 or ANT 204).

Ability to perform all Essential Functions of the physical therapy program.
Program eligibility requires SUBMISSION of the following: PTCAS Admission materials:

  • PTCAS online application.
  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended. Students must have a minimum average GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in prerequisite course requirements, and a 3.2 overall GPA to be considered for admission.

  • Two recommendations. Submit the names and email addresses of your two references on the PTCAS electronic application. Your references complete and return the electronic form directly to PTCAS. A licensed physical therapist with whom you have worked / job shadowed / volunteered must complete 1 of the 2 recommendations. The deadline for receipt is October 15.

  • Official results from the GRE general and written test (Graduate Record Exam). Use the PTCAS GVSU GRE code 0282. Subject tests are not required.

  • PTCAS application fees.

  • Documentation of volunteer / work / job shadow PT hours on the PTCAS application. A minimum of 50 hours of observational experience in physical therapy is required at the time of application. The experience may be volunteer or paid. Observational experience in a variety of clinical settings is valued. Examples of clinical settings include in-patient, out-patient, extended care, and school. GVSU does not require students to submit PTCAS Verification forms.

  • Educational, professional, leadership, scholarly and volunteer activities. These are valued and taken into consideration in the admission consideration process. All activities should be documented on the PTCAS application.

GVSU Admission materials:

  • GVSU Supplemental Form (Physical Therapy). This form is available through the PTCAS online application or you may access it directly via GVSU supplemental form.

  • $30 application fee. Note: Students who have previously paid an undergraduate or graduate application fee to GVSU do not need to pay this fee again.

International Student Admission materials: In addition to the required PTCAS and GVSU admissions materials, the following items must be sent directly to GVSU's Admission's Office.

  • *Original or certified original transcripts.

  • *Official TOEFL test score. Minimum of 610 (paper-based) or 253 (computer-based) or 102 (internet-based) required.

  • *Statement of financial support (refer to GVSU Physical Therapy Supplemental Form).

  • *Official credential evaluation (WES, ECE).

*These test scores and documents must be sent directly to:
Grand Valley State University Admissions Office 1 Campus Drive Allendale, MI 49401-9403





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