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Shared Governance (SG)

Shared Governance policies are developed cooperatively by the University Academic Senate and the Provost.  These policies complement and are not in conflict with those approved by the Board of Trustees or Senior Leadership Team.  These policies address academic matters such as faculty responsibilities, certain evaluation procedures, and governance rules.  Shared Governance policies are included in the collections of policies found in the faculty menu on the top ribbon of this page.

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All Shared Governance Policies

Title Policy Number Responsible Office
Affiliate Faculty Evaluation Procedures and Promotion to Senior Affiliate Faculty AFF 3.01 Office of the Provost
University Academic Senate Bylaws: Responsibilities, Rules, and Procedures SG 1.01 Provost Office
University Academic Senate Bylaws: Standing Committees SG 1.02 Provost Office
University Governance Committees SG 1.03 Provost Office
College Governance Policies SG 1.04 Provost Office
Faculty Academic Policies - Curriculum SG 2.01 Provost Office
Undergraduate Certificate Program Criteria and Guidelines SG 2.02 Provost Office
Graduate Certificate Policies SG 2.03 Provost Office
General Education Criteria and Guidelines SG 2.04 Provost Office
Establishment of New Programs or Units SG 2.05 Provost Office
Policy on Establishing, Reviewing, and Discontinuing Academic Centers SG 2.06 Provost Office
Academic Program Budgetary Review Process SG 2.07 Provost Office
Accreditation SG 2.08 Provost Office
Implementing Reduction in Faculty Due to Changing Enrollment Patterns SG 2.09 Provost Office
Policy on the Establishment and Revision of Credit by Exam Requirements SG 2.10 Provost Office
Faculty Responsibilities SG 3.01 Provost Office
Faculty Planning: Faculty Workload Plans and Faculty Workload Reports SG 3.02 Provost Office
Reassigned Time SG 3.03 Provost Office
Instructional Policies SG 3.04 Provost Office
Professional Ethics SG 3.05 Provost Office
Faculty Qualifications SG 3.06 Provost Office
Faculty Evaluation Procedures SG 3.07 Provost Office
Faculty Salary Adjustment Program SG 3.08 Provost Office
Faculty Compensation Schedule SG 3.09 Human Resources
Continuation of Benefits SG 5.01 Human Resources
Parental Leave SG 5.02 Human Resources
Partner Accommodation SG 5.03 Human Resources
Unit Head Responsibilities SG 6.01 Provost Office
Undergraduate Student Employees SG 6.02 Provost Office
Graduate Assistantship SG 6.03 Provost Office
Dissemination Policy for Scholarly Work with Graduate Students SG 6.04 Provost Office
Graduate Program Directors SG 6.05 Provost Office