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Partner Accommodation

SG 5.03

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Partner Accomodation

Dual career couples have emerged as an important recruitment issue in higher education.  The job prospects for both partners are often seriously considered when academic couples weigh career opportunities.  Grand Valley State University has responded to the increasing incidence of dual career partners through the actions described below.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium:  GVSU is a member of Michigan HERC.
HERCs are formal organizations of area colleges that provide a list of open positions for a geographic area.

Human Resource Office Assistance:  Grand Valley’s Human Resource Office can provide assistance with identifying opportunities, preparing resumes, and interview preparation for a relocating partner.

Temporary Appointments: GVSU utilizes several kinds of temporary faculty appointments.  These include visiting faculty (one-year contract that is renewable up to three years), part-time instructors (per class basis), and affiliate faculty (normally, a three-year renewable appointment).  A qualified academic partner can be appointed to one of these positions, although the university does not guarantee such an appointment.  The unit receiving the appointment must agree to the accommodation.

Open Faculty Positions: In accordance with state law, federal law, and GVSU’s commitment to faculty governance, the university uses inclusive, non-discriminatory, open recruitment and hiring practices.  If an academic partner is qualified for an open tenure-track position, the academic partner must participate in the normal hiring process unless either the Provost or the President approve otherwise.

Shared Positions: The University will consider arranging a shared position.  In this type of appointment, partners share a tenure-track position with defined responsibilities for teaching, research, and service.  The shared position must total at least 100 percent of a full-time position.  This form of accommodation works best for two faculty members in the same or closely related disciplines.

Creation of a New Position: The creation of a position for a partner is at the discretion of university administration, normally with consultation with the appropriate unit head and dean.  Funding for such positions is determined by the Office of the Provost.


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