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Procedure for the Establishment of Non-Academic Institutes, Centers and Offices

SG 2.06

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As part of its mission, Grand Valley has established several nonacademic institutes, centers, and offices to serve specialized needs. The scope of these institutes, centers, and offices range from the Padnos International Center and the Regional Math/Science Center with substantial budgets and staff of its own, to others like the Business and Ethics Center which primarily serves as a contact point between the local community and Grand Valley faculty. Each of these institutes, centers and offices represent not only themselves but also the University in their activities. Because of this representation each institute, center, and office needs to be formally approved by the University.  However, because of the size and scope of institutes, centers, and offices no one procedure is applicable in all cases.



Policy Statement

Those who wish to establish an institute, center, or office will submit to the Provost a summary of the proposed institute, center, or office. At a minimum, this summary will outline the mission of the proposed institute, center, or office, its proposed organization and reporting responsibilities, its proposed budget and staff, and its involvement, if any, with Grand Valley faculty. The Provost will review the proposal and discuss it with the Chair of the University Academic Senate. The Senate Chair will make reports to the Senate when such proposals are made. Such review and discussion will determine what further steps are needed before approval is given. Further review may take place by the Administration and Academic Governance.


January 7, 2019 Retitled  FH 2.04 M to SG 2.06