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Unit Head Responsibilities

SG 6.01

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Policy Statement

SG 6.01    Unit Head Responsibilities

Policies relating to the appointment, term and evaluation of unit heads are covered in a document approved by UAS February 11, 1983 with a revised version approved by UAS on April 10, 2009. Among the provisions of this document are the following:

A.    Each academic unit shall have a unit head; this person will be designated as chairperson or director based on the nature of the unit involved.

B.    The authority to appoint the unit head is vested in the dean of the college. When there is a vacancy in the position of unit head, the faculty of the unit shall meet, and, after deliberating among themselves and in consultation with the dean, shall recommend a nominee or nominees for appointment as unit head. Normally, the dean appoints the nominee recommended by the unit. Should the dean appoint a unit head who has not been recommended by the unit faculty, the dean shall communicate the rationale to the unit. If the unit is not able to make a nomination, the dean shall make an appointment.

C.    Normally the appointment will be for a three-year period.  A unit head may be reappointed when eligible.

D.    There shall be a formal evaluation of the unit head every three years, resulting in a written statement. This report will be shared by the dean, the unit head, and the faculty involved, and be restricted to these persons. This evaluation shall be carried out by the associated unit faculty and the administrators within University, college, and unit personnel guidelines. This evaluation shall be based on the performance of the unit head in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position. This evaluation neither precludes nor takes the place of the usual faculty evaluation for tenure, promotion, or contract renewal.

E.    All appointees shall have faculty status, or have the academic credentials to be awarded faculty status, with the associated responsibilities and benefits of faculty rank. Characteristically, unit heads will be senior faculty, with tenure, chosen on the basis of their ability as teachers, their experience in their discipline, and their leadership capabilities.

On March 30, 1983, ECS also adopted a report on the "Duties and Authority of the Unit Head" which outlines the responsibility, authority, and interaction of the dean and the unit head. "The dean of the college has the administrative authority and responsibility for all academic aspects of the college. . . The dean can and usually does delegate some responsibility and authority to unit heads or coordinators.” Areas the unit heads deal with include but are not limited to the following: fiscal matters; personnel matters; teaching; scholarly, & research activities; professional conduct matters; faculty absences; office assignments; meetings & communications; secretarial & technical services; faculty assignments; adjunct faculty; curriculum; library resources; course scheduling; student relations & advising; student help; equipment, facilities, & records.


January 7, 2019 - retitled from FH 1.04 to SG 6.01