Physics Alumni Success Stories

Dr. Wyatt Brege (2010)

Dr. Wyatt Brege (2010)

Wyatt graduated with double major in physics and math from GVSU in 2010. He then obtained his PhD in 2017 on gravitation from Washington State University. For his doctoral work, Wyatt simulated black hole-neutron star mergers for the SXS collaboration, where he studied the dynamics of temperature and composition dependent equations of state in neutron star matter during and after merger with a highly spinning black hole. In simpler terms, heimed to discover what intricacies in new descriptions of stellar structure could be gleaned from ground- and space-based telescopes when these two highly compact objects smash together.

At Wazzu, he also taught astronomy, general and calculus based physics, tutored math and physics students, earned deep experience with laboratory software and equipment, and learned how to properly code, visualize data, work on supercomputers (with a large scientific collaboration and a highly sophisticated code base).

He then moved to California and he wanted to do something different after seven years of cutting edge astrophysics research. He has a passion for food, efficiency and cleanliness in the kitchen. So he joined Dawson's Bar & Grill as a saute cook after meeting Chef Matt Andrews. Chef Matt made him his sous chef quickly after joining his brigade and handed him the reigns in July of 2018 when I became the head chef there. Currebtly he works as an independent restaurant consultant.

Interest Area(s)
Physics, Computer Science (Applied Computer Science)

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