GVSU Physicists Profile


Dr. Kristofer Pachla (2008)

Director of the Regional Math and Science Center at Grand Valley State University.

Dr. Doug Coleman (2011)

Clinical Medical Physicist at Mayo Clinic, Mankato, Minnesota.

Amy Stone (1997)

Teacher at Forest Hills Central High School, Grand Rapids, MI.

Susan M. Morford (1970)

Project Engineer at Howmet Research Corporation.

Paul Stoner (1971)

Health Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

James Vander Weide (1996)

Physics Teacher at Hudsonville High School, MI.

Dr. Tracy Steinbach (2010)

Physicist at Northrup Grumman Corporation.

Dr. Paula "Paige" Kelley (2009)

Postdoc at University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Nikhil Watsa (2018)

Currently 3DS R&D Intern at Dassault Systèmes.

Dr. Eric D. Vanoeveren (2012)

Senior Data Scientist at Intuit.

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