GVSU Physicists Profile


Michael Dykstra (2015)

MD-PhD Student at Harvard Medical School.

Kristie Bennett (2010)

Physics and Astronomy teacher.

Farrah Brink (2015)

Web Developer.

Amy Mohr (2014)

User Experience/User Interaction Designer.

DaiLynn Dietz (2017)

Applications Engineer at Steelcase, MI.

Dr. Daniel Inman (1970)

Clarence "Kelly" Johnson Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Michigan State University, MI.

Chris Brooks (2001)

Development engineer at Aculight Corporation.

Stephen Gardner (2009)

Senior Associate Medical Physicist at Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI.

Dr. Rhonda Vickery (1984)

Lead Computational Scientist at Dynamics Research Corporation, OH.

Dr. Kenneth B. Bader (2005)

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Chicago, IL.

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