West Michigan Nanoscience and Quantum Technology Conference

The 2020 conference has been postponed to Summer 2021, due to concerns about COVID-19.

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WMNQT 2018

Thank you for a successful 2019 conference!


Registration will open closer to the 2021 conference.

Call for Abstracts

We invite students and faculty alike to submit poster abstracts and (if desired) request a 15-minute talk. Submission will open closer to the 2021 conference.


Dr. Gangqiang Liu

Dr. Gangqiang Liu

Keynote: Gangqiang Liu, Yale University

Superconducting Circuits: A Promising Platform for Quantum Computing

After twenty years of steady progress, superconducting circuits have become one of the most promising platforms for implementing quantum computation. In this talk, I will first discuss the fundamental aspects of superconducting circuits which make them suitable for quantum information processing purposes. Then I will discuss recent progress and challenges in building a quantum computer with superconducting circuits.

2019 Invited Speakers

Scott Thorgaard, Grand Valley State University

Interrogating Nanoparticles and Bacteria One at a Time Using Ultramicroelectrodes

David Wilson, Kalamazoo College

Hiding In Plain Sight - How group theory helped reveal new physical features of viruses.

Pnina Ari-Gur, Western Michigan University

Ferroic Materials – Smart and Clean Too

Scenes from the 2018 conference


Scene from 2018

Conference Organizers

  • Josh Veazey, Physics Department, Grand Valley State University
  • Ryan Balili, Physics Department, Calvin College



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