Physics Outreach Activities

Department of Physics faculty members and students engage in different types of physics outreach activities throughout the year. The goal of our department is to promote physics and create interest in physics in high school students. Below is a list of some of the activities our department regularly participates:

Solar Eclipse Event on Aug. 21, 2017 hosted by Dr. Doug Furton of physics:

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
  • Michigan Science Olympiad
    All members of our physics faculty participate in this annual Michigan Science Olympiad.
  • Super Science Saturday
    A few snapshots from Jan. 26, 2008 Super Science Saturday.
Super Science Saturday
Super Science Saturday
Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017
Super Science Saturday
Super Science Saturday
Super Science Saturday

To view all the pictures please click on the link: Super Science Saturday Picture Gallery.

  • Kentwood High School Career Day Center.
  • Science is for Girls (since 2000) .
  • Upward Bound.
  • Science Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) Camp
    Grand Valley University has taken steps to introduce young girls and minorities to the possibility of careers in science, technology, and engineering through a special summer camp known in short as STEPS camp. Our physics faculty participates in the program every year.
  • Tutoring and Physics demonstration shows at local area K12 schools.
  • Math and Science Update.
  • OMA's KCP Days.
  • OMA's Gear Up Days.
  • Student Visitation Days.
  • Public Schools in-service training.

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