Physics Alumni Success Stories

Dr. Brandon Piotrzkowski (2016)

Dr. Brandon Piotrzkowski (2016)

Brandon received his PhD in 2022 from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His research was on gravitational-wave observational astronomy in the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA collaboration.

"Although interested in math and science as a kid, I discovered how fascinating physics was in college and decided to pursue it until I wasn't interested anymore. Well, I'm still here! I now work with the LIGO scientific collaboration on multimessenger astronomy, which means I'm interested in seeing objects with both gravitational waves and light and whatever else we can use! It's like watching TV with both the screen and the sound on: you get so much more info. More specifically, I am the lead developer and maintainer of the code base ligo-raven which looks to find electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave candidates with the hope of improving the significance of sub-threshold gravitational wave candidates for public release. When not working on physics I like to write, mix/record, and perform music."

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