Physics Alumni Success Stories


Dr. Wyatt Brege (2010)

Physicist, Chef and Data Analyst

Amy Stone (1997)

Physics teacher at Forest Hills Central High School, Grand Rapids, MI.

Dr. Kristofer Pachla (2008)

Director of the Regional Math and Science Center at Grand Valley State University

Christopher Brooks (2001)

Senior optical design engineer at ASML, Netherlands

Dr. Doug Coleman (2011)

Clinical Medical Physicist at Mayo Clinic, Mankato, Minnesota.

Dr. Tracy Steinbach (2010)

Program manager at Northrup Grumman Corporation.

Dr. Eric D. Vanoeveren (2012)

Senior Data Scientist at Intuit.

Kristie Bennett (2010)

Physics and Astronomy teacher.

Farrah Brink (2015)

Web Developer at Wrapbook.

Amy Mohr (2014)

Lead User Experience Designer & Strategist

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