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Kristie Bennett (2010)

Kristie Bennett (2010)

Kristie Bennett (Class of 2010) is a physics and astronomy teacher near Seattle, WA. She teaches during the school year at a Skyline High School and astronomy at University of Washington each summer. She is actively involved in STEM outreach programs, works to incorporate current physics education research into her classroom, and works diligently to bring the next generation of physicists to university. She is also working to advocate for women in the STEM fields and working with her colleagues to raise awareness around this issue.

Advice for a physics major:

Decide what you want for yourself and then take steps to move towards your goal. Whenever you're making a choice, think about how it can help you reach your goal and you can't go wrong! Take every opportunity to try new  things, live in the moment, and don't stress too much. Always strive to be a happy and healthy human!

How my physics degree helped my career:

Teaching physics has helped me understand physics even more than I did before! My physics degree has given me the knowledge needed to design hands on engineering projects for my students to learn about how physics applies to the world around them. My time at GVSU helped me build a support network of friends that I am still in touch with nearly a decade later.

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