Physics Alumni Profile


Dr. Paula (Paige) Kelley (2009)

Postdoc at University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Katie Kruk (2016)

MD/PhD Student at University of Maryland Baltimore

Nathan Gerken (2014)

Programmer at PlatinumEdge Solutions

Daniel Pawlak (2014)

Technical Services Analyst at Epic Systems Corporation

Dr. Michael Dykstra (2015)

Resident Physician in radiation oncology at University of Michigan

James Vander Weide (1996)

Physics Teacher at Hudsonville High School, Hudsonville, MI

Dr. Wyatt Brege (2010)

Physicist, Chef and Data Analyst

Amy Stone (1997)

Physics teacher at Forest Hills Central High School, Grand Rapids, MI.

Dr. Kristofer Pachla (2008)

Director of the Regional Math and Science Center at Grand Valley State University

David Bronicki (2019)

PhD student at University of Mississippi.

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