Faculty Mentor Sessions & Extended Sessions Information

Faculty mentors have two options for sessions & extended sessions: in-person and live virtual through Zoom. The faculty member will be in charge of how the presentations flow within the session. The registration system allows for individual abstracts, so if you would like individual time slots published for the presenters, then including it in the title or the abstract is an option. You may also forgo adding it to the abstract(s) in favor of the character count, rather, you can use the “Description” box to list the students' names and times. When the public looks at the Schedule Builder, they will see are the names of the presenters, the entire time block for the session, and the abstract(s). Schedule Builder will list the locations as physical rooms or Zoom link (provided by faculty). 

Extended Session

Mentor Responsibilities for Zoom Sessions

  • Create your Zoom meeting, and share the link and password with us using our online form by April 6, 2024
  • We recommend that students arrive early to test their audio or video (if needed) before the presentation begins.
  • Add your students as co-hosts for the meeting, so they are able to share their screen for their presentation.
  • If students want additional support for preparing their presentation, we have put together some general information and tips here.

SSD Session and Extended Session Information

Please submit the following information about your Live Session and/or Extended Session to be held on April 10 for Student Scholars Day 2024.

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Please have your description include a list of the names of your student presenters and the time they will be presenting.

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