What is ScholarWorks, and why should I submit my work?

The mission of ScholarWorks is to showcase and provide access to scholarly, educational and creative works by GVSU faculty, staff and students. Content added to ScholarWorks is discoverable via Google and Google Scholar. By default, all content may be viewed by anyone. There is also the option to restrict access to GVSU, or to embargo (i.e., temporarily hide) content. Take a look, at

The benefits of submitting your work include:

  • A stable URL that you can add to your resume, send to prospective employers or graduate programs, etc.
  • An opportunity to showcase the outstanding work you’ve done
  • Monthly download reports, which tell you how many times your work is viewed by others
  • The potential to reach a worldwide audience
  • Show prospective students the types of research opportunities available at GVSU

How do I submit my SSD poster, presentation, or other materials?

Representatives from the University Libraries will be available during Student Scholars Day to answer questions and collect files. We will also have ScholarWorks permission agreements for you to sign, indicating the level of access you want to give to your work. If you’re interested in submitting your poster or other SSD material, please bring a flash drive with the file(s), preferably saved as a PDF. We will have laptops and will transfer the files and obtain your permission (and your faculty mentor’s permission) in writing before we post anything in ScholarWorks. If you’re unsure about this, check with your faculty mentor and/or contact Sarah Beaubien or Jackie Rander at [email protected] or (616) 331-2631 for more information.

I/We plan to publish this work. Can it still go in ScholarWorks?

Yes, it can, but we do have the option to embargo the content if you plan to publish and have concerns about the content being available. (This means your work would be uploaded to ScholarWorks but would not be visible until the embargo date passes.) That way, if a particular publisher has a policy about the content being posted online prior to publication, this won’t be a concern to you. Consider how different your SSD poster/presentation is from what you will submit for publication in the future. If you think it’s substantially similar, or if your faculty mentor has concerns, we can work with you to find the best option that will highlight your work without compromising your ability to publish.

Should I be concerned about copyright if I used images, graphs, etc. that I did not create?

We can help point you to tools and resources that guide you in complying with copyright laws. The Libraries have added copyright information to our website (, which is a good starting point. A good strategy is to make sure you properly cite sources and take a look at the Fair Use Checklist on the Libraries’ copyright pages. We’re also happy to help with questions.

Page last modified January 17, 2019