Day 5 Monday, June 6: Emotions and Value

Session 7 Rational Emotions and “Fittingness” – Justin D’Arms


Day 6 Tuesday, June 7: Implicit and Explicit Belief, Preference, and Value

Session 8Dual Process Theories – Deborah Mower

Session 9 – Research Workshop – Deborah Mower


Day 7 Wednesday, June 8: Embodied Emotion and Cognition

Session 10The Process of Deliberation – Mark Johnson

Session 11Imaginative Projection and Deliberation – Mark Johnson


Day 8 Thursday, June 9: Moral Imagination

Session 12Dewey, Experience, and Imagination – Steven Fesmire

Session 13 – Winter Hall Film screening: To Kill a Mockingbird


Day 9 Friday, June 10: The Effect of Literature on Moral Psychology

Session 14Narrative, Empathy, and Prejudice – Dan Johnson


Weekend Two: Friday afternoon Sunday afternoon, June 10 12

Optional Social Events/Outings: Waterfront Film Festival

Research, Writing, and Preparation:
Participants will be encouraged to read and work on their own ideas as their response to Week Two and to prepare the readings for Week Three.


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