Day 10 Monday, June 13: Perspective-Taking and Evaluation

Session 15Impartial Spectator as Ideal – Michael Pritchard

Day 11 Tuesday, June 14: Intersubjective Development

Session 16Social Mirroring and Agency – Michael Pritchard

Day 12 Wednesday, June 15: Embodied Intersubjective Expertise

Session 17Virtue as Social Intelligence – Nancy Snow

Session 18 Cultivating Social Intelligence – Nancy Snow

Day 13 Thursday, June 16: Conceptual Schemes and Symbols

Session 19 Emotion as Vehicles of Understanding – Catharine Elgin

Session 20 – Winter Hall Film screening: Her

Day 14 Friday, June 17: The Effect of Film on Moral Psychology

Session 21 The Quest and Cost of Knowledge – William Flesch

Weekend Three: Friday afternoon Sunday afternoon, June 17-19

Optional Social Events/Outings: Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Research, Writing, and Preparation:
Participants will be encouraged to read and work on their own ideas as their response to Week Three and to prepare the readings for Week Four.

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