Day 15 Monday, June 20: Forming Moral Judgments

Session 22Emotions as Rational Learning? – Shaun Nichols

Day 16 Tuesday, June 21: Judgments and Norms

Session 23Statistical Learning and Social Norms – Shaun Nichols

Session 24 – Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) site visit

Day 17 Wednesday, June 22: The Effect of Art on Moral Psychology

Session 25Art, Somaesthetics, and Moral Psychology – Richard Shusterman

Optional Hosted Brown-Bag Lunch and Walking Tour:
Topic: ArtWorks at Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA). Facilitator: UICA Executive Director Miranda Krajniak (hosted by the GVSU College of Arts and Sciences)

Session 26 – Winter Hall Film screening: 17 Degrees Ain’t Nothing

Day 18 Thursday, June 23: Moral Education Through Art

Session 27Identity of Self and Others – Carlton Mackey

Session 28Teaching Workshop – Phyllis Vandenberg

Session 29 – Evening Banquet and Closing Institute Keynote – Randall Curren (hosted by the GVSU College of Arts and Sciences)

Day 19 Friday, June 24: Moral Education Across the Disciplines

Session 30Concluding Session – Mower and Vandenberg

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