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Soprano, Opera Director and Vocal Health Specialist, Dr. Rachael Gates has sung in Germany, Russia, Italy and throughout the United States. Dr. Gates was Assistant Opera Director at Northwestern University, has taught at the University of Hartford, Michigan State University and guest directed operas for Yale University. She is the Vocal Health Specialist for the College Music Society, is published in The Journal of Singing, and belongs to the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Dr. Gates teaches Language Diction, Stage Movement, Vocal Performance Literature and Pedagogy in addition to Applied Voice at Grand Valley State University. She pioneered what is now a Singing Health Specialization at The Ohio State University Medical Center with laryngologist L. Arick Forrest, MD and Kerrie Obert CCC-SLP. Dr. Gates holds degrees in music from Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and The Ohio State University. Her book, The Owner's Manual to the Voice: A Guide for Singers and Other Professional Voice Users (Oxford 2013) is available at The Metropolitan Opera Shop.


“I highly recommend The Owner’s Manual to the Voice  as a very well organized and well thought-out resource for any professional singer or person relying heavily on the voice. Rachael Gates approaches the instrument scientifically yet accessibly through her own voice as a singer and offers invaluable information.” – Sherrill Milnes, Metropolitan Opera Baritone, Three-time Grammy Award Winner

“Just plain excellent!  One of the most comprehensive books written for the curious singer as well as others in the professional voice community.” – Joan Lader, Voice teacher and therapist to world-famous performers in Broadway, pop/rock, jazz and opera

"Finally! A resource for professional singers with real, scientifically-based information about the vocal mechanism and vocal health. In an arena filed with hearsay, home remedies and hysteria, it is a delight to have actual information presented in such a comprehensive, straightforward manner." —Cristin J. Hubbard, singer and actress from the Broadway company of The Phantom of the Opera

Owner's Manual to the Voice has many commendable features...convenient...well researched...It offers valuable information for experienced voice professionals, yet is easily understandable for neophyte voice users. It is likely that singers and pedagogues will refer to this volume on a regular basis, whether for terminology, general voice health, or possible causes of minor vocal ailments.  –Debra  Greschner, Bookshelf Review in NATS Journal of Singing

Dr. Rachael Gates has more answers than there are questions when it comes to vocal health. Her new book is a marvelous resource for voice teachers, singers, or voice users of any kind. It is not one of those books that will gather dust on the shelf. Instead, it will be well-used and mentioned in conversation between voice specialists for years to come. I recommend it highly! - Dr. Sharon Mabry, Professor of Music (voice), Austin Peay State University, TN

Terrific content, brava! –Doug Ahlstedt, professor and tenor, Carnegie Mellon University

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