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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Join us for the premiere Great Lakes Flute Festival Saturday, January 28, 2023! Hosted by the West Michigan Flute Association, flute players and enthusiasts of all ages and abilities will have a wide-ranging opportunity to engage through networking, hands-on classes, workshops, and performances. Event details include:


Attendees will have the opportunity to perform in solo and/or group settings including a special performance with the renowned West Michigan Flute Orchestra


Bring your flute! Participatory classes include a French-style warm-up technique class with GVSU flute professor, Abigail Walsh, a musicianship and movement class hosted by Michigan Youth Ensembles instructors, and more!


Junior, Senior and Collegiate Youth Competitions

western michigan flute

Hear and perform with the renowned West Michigan Flute Orchestra

abigail walsh

Participate in a French-style warm up class and hear a performance by GVSU Flute Professor, Abigail Walsh

Great Lakes Flute Festival Schedule of Events

8:00-9:00 WMFO Core Rehearsal

8:30 Doors Open for General Admission- Pick up your badge 

9:00 Welcome and Warm-up Class: “Three Approaches to the Throat for Engaging Flute Playing” with Dr. Abigail Walsh

10:00 “Crafting a curriculum: Leave no stone unturned” with Trey Bradshaw 

10:00 “Mommas and Poppas” Your chance to try all the flutes in the Flute Family with Jeri Blough

10:00 “A Pandemonium of Parrots:   Representation of South American Indigenous Flute Traditions in Contemporary Classical Flute Compositions” with Dr. Anna DeCou

10:45 “WindFire: Flute and Percussion” with Paula and John Kasica

10:45 “Expanding the Standard Flute Repertoire to Include works of Historically Under-Represented Composers” with Dr. Martha Councell-Vargas and the WMU flute studio

11:30 “In the Blink of an Eye: How a self-made album comes to fruition” with Christian Glascock 

11:30 “Fantastic, Fun, & Playable Gems of 20/21st Century Solo Flute Repertoire” with Karen Betz-Griewahn

12:00 Catered Lunch included in Registration

1:00 All festival participants - Large Rehearsal with Julie Sooy and the West Michigan Flute Orchestra

2:00 Musicianship and Movement with Melissa Grey and Josh Tanis

2:45 “Creating a Career Using Creativity” with Carmen Maret

3:00 Youth Competitions

3:30 Michigan Flutists in Recital featuring Danny Burns, Dan Giacobassi, Anna Hoffmann, Sarah Morrison, Stephanie Roof, Paula Kasica, Penny Kohns, Barbara Saks, and Abigail Walsh

5:00 Final Concert Featuring GVSU Flute Ensemble, GRCC Flute Ensemble, Low Flutes from WMFA, West Michigan Flute Orchestra, and all Festival Participants



Register by January 20, 2023 to guarantee your catered meal (included with registration).

All festival participants should register for the day’s events. The final concert at 5:00 pm is free and open to the public.

To register for the GLFF visit:



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