Haas Endowment Application

The Thomas J. and Marcia J. Haas Endowment for the Performing Arts



To create a "margin of excellence" in GVSU performing arts programs by supporting enrichment activities for students studying or participating in any of the performing arts, which currently include dance, instrumental music, athletic bands, opera theatre, vocal music, or theatre. Uses of the funds may include but are not limited to, providing students opportunities to explore and develop their talents through competitions, talent showcases, local, national, and international summer programs, coaching, master classes, and other experiences that are separate from GVSU programs. Funds may be used for travel, program fees, and other expenses related to enrichment activities.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester 2022: applications due 11/15 at 11:59 p.m., to support activities taking place from January 1-April 30.
  • Winter semester 2023: applications due 4/1 at 11:59 p.m., to support activities taking place from May 1-December 31.  

Going forward, the application deadlines will correspond with the university’s quarterly calendar:

Deadline                     Activity Date Range
May 15                        July 1-September 30
August 15                  October 1-December 31
November 15               January 1-March 31
February 15                     April 1-June 30

Applicants may apply pending acceptance into an event/program. If the applicant is granted an award under these circumstances, the award will be pending final acceptance. One application per student per award period.

For graduating students, funded activities must be completed prior to the conclusion of the semester succeeding your graduation. This will be September 1 for May graduates or May 1 for December graduates.

Application Requirements

  1. Cover Page
    1. Name, major, graduation year, name of the project, amount requested, dates of activity, faculty sponsor.
  2. Faculty Sponsor Form
    1. Completed Faculty Sponsor Form. This should be someone familiar with your work and in support of your application, from the MTD Department.
  3. Project Detailed Description
    1. Detailed description, rationale, and goals of your proposed activity (500-word limit).
  4. Supporting Materials
    1. Conference/performance invitations; Host organization/teacher information; Links to relevant audio and video examples; Letters of support; Any other items that will strengthen your application.
  5. Project Budget
    1. Expenses: (such as tuition/fees, materials, transportation, housing, meals). GVSU travel and expense guidelines apply.
    2. Other funding sources: (such as personal financial contributions, external grants and scholarships, other GVSU grants and scholarships.)

Note: Recipients may be asked to participate in a performance or reception with the award initiators and are expected to reasonably comply with this request.

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