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Established to encourage and assist language students to study abroad and gain life experience in the language they are studying at Grand Valley.

Why study foreign language?

Why language? Language is considered a critical part of a liberal arts education. Part of Grand Valley State University's vision and strategic priorities are to "inspire and equip students to be active life-long learners and global citizens" and to require global learning of all undergraduate majors. This does not mean that we expect all students to become fluent, but instead to have exposure to a second language and culture, which in turn leads to practical language skills. The Modern Languages and Literatures Department's language courses offer not just the chance to study a language, but to actively engage with another culture on its own terms. 

Multiple studies link the benefits of language learning to: 

  • enhanced cognitive ability and flexibility
  • delaying mental effects of aging
  • empathy and effective interpersonal skills
  • improved learning outcomes in other subjects

The following professions are seeing an increased need for language skills:

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Engineering and other STEM fields
  • National Security and other government positions

Check out our majorsminors, and other language courses. Explore further reading on the importance of learning a foreign language.

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Game Night Spotlight

Game Night

On Thursday, October 21st the LRC hosted a Game Night for language students! Spearheaded by Veronica Clapp, Carol Wilson-Tiesma, Meghan Cai, and Bret Linford.

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Alumni Highlights

Marvis Herring, Spanish, BA Broadcasting, 2013 Spotlight

Marvis Herring, Spanish, BA Broadcasting, 2013

Marvis is multimedia journalist, currently at WLKY in Louisville, KY. Prior to that, he was with WOOD TV8, West Michigan's legacy NBC affiliate.

Joshua Kahn, German, BA German, 2006 Spotlight

Joshua Kahn, German, BA German, 2006

Josh studied abroad during his time in the German program at GVSU, and his experiences in Tübingen were a pivotal point for what has been a lifelong dedication to global understanding and working across markets.

Sarah Kuklish, Spanish, BS Biopsychology, 2011 Spotlight

Sarah Kuklish, Spanish, BS Biopsychology, 2011

She is currently working as a pediatric physical therapist at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis where she is able to use her Spanish education daily with a diverse patient population.

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Mental Health Awareness

October 22, 2022 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

We have several events that are happening on the entire week of October 18th - October 22nd. Please refer to the embedded flyer for details.

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