Alumni Highlights


Holly Henrickson, Spanish, BA Spanish-Secondary Education, 2008

After teaching foreign language for six years she took a job as Director of International Sales for an archery manufacturer. Her job involves attending trade shows in Europe and Canada and corresponding daily with customers in French and Spanish.

Amanda Whitmore, Spanish, BA Liberal Studies, 2009

She credits her language studies at GVSU with helping her see the beauty of living abroad.

Carola Fernández-Corcoran, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2009

After moving to Michigan she enrolled at GVSU, where she graduate as a Spanish major. She continued her education as a mother of two, and taught Spanish at home, and/or worked as a Spanish Translator Interpreter.

Mary Zick-Turner, Spanish, BSW Social Work, 2010

The ability to speak Spanish has opened up many wonderful opportunities for Mary and she is grateful for the education she received from the Spanish section at GVSU.

Danielle Snow, Spanish, BA Mathematics-Secondary Education, 2010

Danielle is a high school math teacher who has used Spanish to help English Language Learners in the classroom as well as to communicate with her student's families.

Alissa Rodriguez, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2010

To anyone considering Modern Languages and Literatures, Alissa says: "I highly recommend pursuing a language degree because it will always put you at the top of the job market and the connections you develop will provide you with endless opportunities."

Deb Weststrate, Spanish, BFA & BA Graphic Design & Spanish, 2011

Deb believes learning a foreign language has opened up many doors for her to experience life from new perspectives, and continues to allow for friendships and connections that would have otherwise not been possible.

Katy Salter, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2011

Upon graduating from Grand Valley, Katy accepted a Kindergarten teaching position in a Grand Rapids Public School Dual Language Immersion Program. She teaches completely in Spanish to native Spanish speakers and English speakers.

Rachel Humphreys, Spanish, BA Spanish & Public Relations, 2011

Rachel has been a champion for youth in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector of Grand Rapids for more than a decade. Using what she learned in her Spanish classes and study abroad in Spain, she infuses her work with a racial equity & social justice lens

Sarah Kuklish, Spanish, BS Biopsychology, 2011

She is currently working as a pediatric physical therapist at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis where she is able to use her Spanish education daily with a diverse patient population.

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