Alumni Highlights


Mikayla Jarrat, French, BBA, International Business, 2020

Mikayla plans on continuing her French language skills while working for global business firms.

Brooke Elenbaas, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2004

The constant thread of Brooke's career and life have been the degree in language that she received at Grand Valley and she is so thankful for the many and varied ways this degree has helped her be successful in her life.

Angel Bista, Japanese and Arabic, BA International Relations, 2020

Angel moved to Ulsan, South Korea, where she is currently working as an English teacher. She is actively developing strategies for language-acquisition that resemble those utilized by her previous instructors, and implementing them in her own classroom.

Eric Brink, Spanish & Chinese, BA Spanish, 2020

During his time at GVSU he was a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship, an intensive overseas program that allowed him to study a year's worth of Chinese curriculum in just eight weeks.

Rick Rossow, Russian, BA Russian Studies

Richard Rossow (Rick) is a senior adviser and holds the Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a prominent think tank in Washington, DC.

Angelita Castañon, Spanish, BA Spanish-Elementary Education, 2001

Angelita's career began as a teacher for Holland Public Schools where she taught Spanish for grades K-7, served as lead teacher for the FLES program, and authoring an articulated curriculum with a team of 6 world language instructors.

Joslyn DeBoode (née Grevenstuk), Spanish, BA Spanish, 2002

While a student at GVSU, she took three study abroad trips -- two in Mexico and one in Costa Rica. Joslyn looks back on her time at GVSU with fond memories, "I still wouldn't change a thing; worth every penny!"

Jillian Everhart, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2005

During the 3.5 years Jillian spent in GVSU, she studied abroad for a semester in Mexico and summer in India. She is trilingual (English, Spanish, and Hindi all at the native level). Jillian greatly benefited from studying abroad and going to GVSU.

Catherine Sundt, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2006

Catherine Sundt is a professor of Spanish at Rhodes College. She teaches courses in Spanish language and literature and co-directs the study abroad program to Ecuador.

Emily Ruehs-Navarro, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2008

Emily is currently a professor of sociology at Elmhurst College, and she continues to use Spanish to research and advocate for immigrants in the community.

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