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Jillian Everhart, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2005

Jillian Everhart, Spanish, BA Spanish, 2005

Jillian Everhart

2005 Graduate

Language: Spanish

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latin American Studies

During the 3.5 years Jillian spent in GVSU, she studied abroad for a semester in Mexico and summer in India. She is trilingual (English, Spanish, and Hindi all at the native level). Jillian greatly benefited from studying abroad and going to GVSU. She was a Spanish Tutor for all levels the entire time she studied at GVSU and lived in the Johnson Language House for her freshmen year, which was only for students majoring or minoring in a language.  

Her language proficiency helped her start her career in Recruitment. She worked her way up in Human Resources and worked for one of the top 100 largest companies in the Chicagoland area (where she is from), ending up being a Talent Acquisition Manager. She found her real passion for traveling the world and decided to resign from the corporate world and change careers into the travel world in 2014. Since then, she started working for the world's largest travel agency and became specialized in cruises. She worked as an Independent Contractor for two agencies since then and in December 2018, after continued growth in sales and success, she opened her own home-based travel agency called Ever Ready Travel. Jillian attributes her career and success in a big part to the great education that she received from Grand Valley State. Her parents knew from the time she could speak that she had a passion for languages and geography. She is living her passion and purpose.  

Updated December 2019

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