LGBTQ Therapy Group

This confidential group is open to registered GVSU students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or who may be questioning their sexuality or gender identity.  This group aims to be a normalizing experience for each member.  We explore many factors that may be affecting our identities such as stereotypes, family, religion, meeting others, and more. The focus of the group is determined by the needs of its members.  This is not a “coming out” group, but some members may be going through this process. Other members may have been “out” for years but want the opportunity to explore and share experiences/challenges with others who share a similar identity. Overall, this group helps students figure out “where they fit in.” A commitment to attend each weekly meeting for the semester is required.  

Students interested in joining the LGBTQ Therapy Group can contact the University Counseling Center at (616) 331-3266 to schedule a brief intake meeting. Questions about this group can be directed to Nicole Marganti at [email protected] or Melissa Selby-Theut at [email protected]

University Counseling Center

Page last modified June 2, 2022