GVSU Event Planning Guide

Welcome to the GVSU Event Planning Guide.  Our goal is to assist you in planning and hosting a successful event.

Start Here:

  1. Verify the event you are hosting meets the University's Event Matrix guidelines.
  2. Determine other services needed to host the event:
    1. Facilities Services – Tables, Chairs, PPE, Cleaning Supplies etc…
      1. Work Order Link: https://www.gvsu.edu/facilitiesservices/
    2. Food/Beverage Service          
      1. Contact GVSU Catering at catering@gvsu.edu
    3. Parking Services
      1. Contact Parking Services:  https://www.gvsu.edu/parking/
    4. Public Safety
      1. Grand Rapids:  Contact Captain Kourosh Khatir at khatirk@gvsu.edu
      2. Allendale:  Contact Captain Jeff Stoll at stollje@gvsu.edu
  3. Select Event Location and Reserve your space: