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What is GVSU’s face covering policy? 


The use of face coverings, such as masks, is just one element in reducing the risk of COVID-19. Face coverings must be combined with increased vaccination rates in our campus community, social distancing, hand washing, self-assessments, and a requirement to stay home when ill (even with mild symptoms), to have our best opportunity to reduce risk. We are all responsible for keeping our campus safe.

Changes to the GVSU face covering policy will be considered based on CDC guidance and county, state (MDHHS/MIOSHA) and federal requirements.

If you are fully vaccinated, you are exempt from wearing a face covering indoors, except everyone must continue to wear a face covering in academic classrooms, labs and other indoor areas of academic instruction. 

Face coverings are required:

  • of all unvaccinated students, faculty, staff and visitors when indoors at all campus locations with the few exceptions below.
  • of all persons at GVSU COVID-19 testing sites, the Campus Health Center, the Family Health Center and any potential on-campus COVID-19 vaccination site.

Exceptions to indoor mask requirements for unvaccinated persons:

  • In your specific assigned room, suite, or apartment when only you or your roommates are present. 
  • In dining areas, while eating and drinking.
  • In an enclosed space, when an individual is the sole occupant.

Face coverings are not required outdoors.



If I disclose in my self-assessment that I have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been quarantined, what happens to that information?

By completing the self-assessment, you agree to allow the information to be shared with Spectrum Health so they can reach out to you.  Also, the information you share in the self-assessment is considered educational records not health records so it is not covered by HIPAA.


How will testing and contact tracing be handled?

Contact tracing is the process of asking positive cases to help identify people who have been exposed to a disease, like COVID-19, to prevent it from spreading. It is not a way to “get people in trouble” – it’s a way to keep our community safe and provide necessary information and resources. Grand Valley has a close working relationship with the Ottawa and Kent County health departments and conducts contact tracing for all members of the GVSU community to more efficiently use our combined resources.

At GVSU, this is conducted by a team of nurses, called the COVID Assessment Team (CAT). The CAT first contacts individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 to provide information on isolation, ask about close contact during the period when they were contagious, and inform of available resources. Then, while maintaining the confidentiality of the person who has tested positive, the contacts are informed of the exposure, the need to quarantine (and instructions), and available resources.

The COVID Assessment Team will also discuss your isolation and quarantine timeframe and issue a release letter when it is completed. You must complete your self-assessment to receive this letter.


Do I need to fill out the online self-assessment form?

Please report your vaccination status as soon as possible on your self-assessment.

  • Employees must complete a self-assessment on any day they are working on campus.
  • Students coming to campus for class or work must complete a self-assessment before coming to campus.
  • Visitors to campus must complete the self-assessment prior to arrival.
  • Employees/students need to complete anytime coming to campus, not just for work/class (e.g. Rec Center)

While not required off-campus, it is expected that all members of the GVSU community will complete the self-assessment daily, whether on campus or not, to support efforts to protect the health of the community. It is strongly suggested that the self-assessment be completed before noon.


Are positive COVID tests being reported to county health departments?

Yes. All positive tests are reported to county health departments. GVSU is working with Kent and Ottawa county health departments and will support tracking and tracing efforts. Spectrum Health will assist in providing follow-up with all students who are in quarantine (exposed to someone positive) or in isolation following a positive test.