Grand Valley State University is Proud to Announce the Kutsche Office Membership Campaign!

The Kutsche Office of Local History is home to the Local History Roundtable as well as different projects helping local groups and people preserve, protect and retain history that is important to them.  This is accomplished through oral histories, supervised internships and fellowships, faculty directed projects and the work of experts in their specific fields.

Together these programs support the mission of the Kutsche Office in fostering an appreciation of the common challenges, common destiny, and common humanity of all of us.  This is accomplished in part by bringing members of the West Michigan community, students and faculty together to share knowledge and resources about topics of common interest, building an understanding of history that is both exciting and relevant in today’s challenging times.

You can be a part of this exciting initiative by becoming a Friend of the Kutsche Office of Local History by making a gift of $45.  Your gift will allow you discounts to future programs of the Kutsche Office of Local History as well as attendance at the annual Local History Roundtable. 

To make your gift online, please go to Or you may mail a check to:

Grand Valley State University,

Kutsche Office of Local History
PO Box 2005
Grand Rapids MI 49501-2005

You will receive an acknowledgement and receipt for your gift as your gift helps to preserve local history in our communities. 

Page last modified May 11, 2018