Frequently Asked Questions


  • First try to login to your GVSU Gmail account
    • If your email works, try restarting your browser then try logging into Blackboard again
    • If you can't log into your email, reset your password by going to MyBanner and clicking on Personal Information.
  • Log into MyBanner and verify that you are signed up for the course
  • If you're registered for the course, and you can't see it in Blackboard, please contact your professor to ask if they have made the course available.
  • If you cannot see your grades in the Grade Center, please contact your instructor directly.
  • To have your course evaluation reset you can do one of the following:

Outlook Email

  • If you are having problems logging into your Outlook account and you have already tried resetting your password please do one of the following:
  • Take a screenshot of the Spam Email and save it as a PNG or JPEG file (How to take a screenshot: Mac and Windows)
  • Create a new blank message and add the file as an attachment
  • In the subject box put the original subject line
  • Leave the body of the message blank
  • Sent the email to
  • The maximum size of a mailbox at GVSU for Faculty/Staff is 25 GB
  • If you are using the Outlook client for Mac, we recommend that you keep no more than 5000 emails in your inbox folder
  • Please take note that the emails in your sent folder do not automatically purge themselves.


  • Make sure you are attempting to connect to the correct network: GV-Student for Students, GV-Faculty/Staff for faculty and staff.
  • Restart your device and try retyping in your username and password
  • Try making the computer "forget" the network and set it up again (instructions for Mac and Windows)
  • If it is still not working try to reset your password, then try to connect again
  • Contact the HelpDesk by phone ((616) 331-2101), email (, or walk up for further assistance.
  • First register the device at the Self-Service Portal.
  • If connecting physically, there are no other steps-just plug the device into a network socket.
  • If connecting wirelessly, be sure to choose the GV-GameNet network.

GVSU Gmail

  • First try to reset your password by going to
    • Make sure to follow the password rules and wait a full 5 minutes after changing the password to try.
  • If this doesn't work, please do one of the following:
  • The Google Drive available through your GVSU Gmail account has an unlimited storage capacity.
  • Gmail pages are very mobile-friendly, and can be accessed from your mobile phone browser-no setup required!
  • Gmail apps are available for both iOS and Android-just do a search for "Gmail"
  • If you want to set up Gmail on your native phone email app:  Instructions for iOS, Gmail settings for both devices.


  • Call the IT Help Desk at 616-331-2101, they will notify a Tech and have them come fix the jam.
  • If your printer in your office is jammed you can getting assistance through the following methods.

Misc. Computer Help (Virus/Malware/Hardware/Software/Copyright)

Be safe and don't get blocked! Take a look at our copyright policy.

Faculty - If you realize that your computer is infected with Malware or a Virus please do one of the following.

Students - If you realize that your computer is infected with Malware or a Virus please do the following.


Many systems require a secure connection to the GVSU network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please note, VPN is not required for accessing library resources. If you have difficulty connecting to library resources please contact the library for assistance at 616-331-3500 or by submitting the library's support form.

If a system requires VPN access; click on links below for instructions

If you have received a Duo Security Enrollment email, click on links below for instructions