GVSU printer and print release device

GVPrint is a cloud based printing solution that allows GVSU students, faculty and staff to send documents to the cloud and release the print jobs at specified locations around campus.

How does GVPrint work?

Step 1: Upload your documents to the cloud using one of the following methods:

  • Login to a GVSU Lab computer and print your documents to either GV Print 1 or GV Print 2 (They will be listed as printers)
  • OR send an email with the document as an attachment from a GVSU email account to [email protected]
  • OR Login to gvprint.gvsu.edu with your GVSU network credentials and upload documents to the cloud.

Step 2: Release your documents

  • Locate a print release station.  More print stations are coming soon!
  • Scan your GVSU ID card or enter your network credentials.
  • Release documents you wish to print.

Notes of interest

  • The documents on the cloud are erased if not printed within 24 hours.
  • You are not able to adjust format settings on the printer. To adjust format settings, print to a pdf file, then print the pdf file with GV Print.
  • If you wish to send documents from a non-GVSU email address, follow the same directions as above and you will receive a reply from [email protected] that will allow you to register your email.

GVPrint Documentation


Page last modified February 22, 2022