Integrated Science Secondary Education Major

Integrated Science Secondary Major

GVSU’s Integrated Science Secondary Education Major is for students seeking certification for teaching science in grades 6-12. Integrated science secondary education majors that pass the Michigan Department of Education Integrated Science Secondary Test will receive the Integrated Science DI Endorsement, which is in high demand for job placement in the state of Michigan. The endorsement certifies students to teach general science courses at the middle school level, and also discipline specific courses in biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics at the high school level. The integrated science secondary education major prepares students in both a breadth and depth of science content, as well as in science teaching methods, in order to prepare pre-service teachers for a broad range of teaching opportunities. In order to be certified, students must complete the ISCI secondary education major with a 3.0 GPA and have an overall GPA of 2.7.  This is a standalone, comprehensive teachable major that does not require a teachable minor for College of Education and Community Innovation admission or Michigan certification.

Associated Programs

GVSU Regional Math and Science Center

The Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC), serves students, teachers, parents, school districts, business and industry, and other organizations interested and involved in mathematics and science education.  The Integrated Science Program partners with the RMSC in community service, professional development and pre-service training. 

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