DI Secondary Endorsement

Integrated Science Secondary Endorsement

Students who have declared or completed a major and minor in a science discipline may complete additional courses to add the integrated science secondary endorsement to their teaching certificate. The endorsement, obtained upon completion of coursework in each of four science disciplines and passing the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Integrated Science Test, will allow the holder to teach general science, as well as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics courses at the secondary level (grades 6-12).

Students interested in adding the ISCI Secondary Endorsement to their certificate should contact the CLAS Advising Center to create a planned program for Endorsement completion.

Associated Programs

College of Education

The integrated science program faculty collaborate with colleagues in the College of Education to place our students in classrooms with experienced science teachers. Our graduates have a unique combination of skills and experiences that are highly valued by most school districts.

Regional Math and Science Center

The science (SCI) designation describes courses or workshops that are interdisciplinary in nature and relate to more than one science and/or mathematics discipline. They are primarily for preservice and inservice school teachers. These courses are offered by the faculty in Grand Valley’s science departments and/or in conjunction with the Regional Math and Science Center.

Page last modified August 15, 2017