Event Sustainability Operations Badge, Certificate, and Minor

Video of the sustainable agriculture project and the course offerings for Event Sustainability Management.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management program has joined with Environmental and Sustainability Studies to offer Event Sustainability Management as a minor, certificate, and badge. Some of the classes will include time at the Sustainable Agriculture Project. Check out the new video of the SAP on Facebook! 

This curriculum is a part of a three-part stackable credential targeted to those who work, or aspire to work, in the Meeting and Events and Tourism Industry.

Badge:         9 credits

Certificate:   15 credits (9 from Badge requirements and 6 additional)

Minor:          21 credits (15 from Certificate requirements and 6 additional)

The badge and certificate are available for both degree seeking and non-degree seeking individuals. Only degree seeking students may complete the minor.

Event Sustainability Operations will prepare students with skills to work with events. Those interested in working in the meeting and events industry will gain a wider understanding of the role sustainability principles and practices play when planning, conducting, and evaluating events. This badge, certificate, and minor are geared to both the for-profit and not-for-profit event providers. An important component of the certificate and minor is working with actual events.



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Requirements for the Badge (9 credits)

  • ENS 201 – Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability Studies (3 credits)
  • HTM 240 – Introduction to Meeting and Event Management (3 credits)
  • HTM 340 – Event Sustainability (3 credits)



Requirements for the Certificate (15 credits): 

In addition to the badge requirements, students must then complete an additional six credits for the certificate:

  • HTM 360 – Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tourism Industry (3 credits)
  • HTM 313 – Farm to Fork – Sustainability in Food Service Cuisine (3 credits) or HTM 190 – Field Preparation (1 credit) and HTM 290 Field Experience (2 credits)

Requirements for the Minor (21 credits):

In addition to the classes required for the Certificate, a student must complete:

  • HTM 300 - Principles of Sustainability (3 credits)

And one of the following:

  • HTM 333 - Hospitality Facilities Management (3 credits) 
  • HTM 368 - Geotourism (3 credits)
  • SPM 376 - Sport Facility and Event Management (3 credits)
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