Recruiting Process Roles Defined




Time Commitment





Seek employment with GVSU.


Submit application and supporting documentation, interview, and accept position.

Application and supporting documentation (e.g., cover letter, CV/Resume, transcripts, etc).


Hiring Process (for an open position)

Hire a qualified candidate.

8-16 hours

Define the position; candidate selection discussion and decision.

Job description; identify Search Chair, Search Committee and search timeline; identify selected candidate.

Search Chair

Candidate Evaluation Process

Lead and facilitate evaluation of candidates.

40-80 hours

Assist in development of recruitment plan; timely execution of candidate evaluation process segment; qualify applicant pool.

Recruitment plan; identify qualified candidates; final selection rubric.

Inclusion Advocate


Ensure searches are conducted in an equitable manner.

20-40 hours

Assist with job description and recruitment plan; qualify applicant pool; participate on Search Committee and provide insights on candidates interviewed.

Completed candidate rubric.

Search Committee


Identify candidate for interview.

15-30 hours

Review qualified applicant pool; participate on interview panel; provide insights on candidates interviewed.

List of recommended 3-5 candidates for interview; completed candidate rubric.

Interview Panel (Optional)


Provide insights on candidates.

6-10 hours

Interview and provide insights on candidates.

Completed candidate rubric.

Search Chair Assistant


Administrative support for Supervisor and Search Chair.


Administrative support such as PageUp, scheduling interviews, placing advertisements, etc.


Appointing Officer


Appoint candidate to position.

1-4 hours

Approve open position; make verbal offer or delegate to Supervisor.

Signed Hiring Approval Form (HAF) and signed appointment letter.

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