Inclement Weather FAQ

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Faculty and staff can work remote, take a vacation day, elect to go unpaid, or still report to their work location as campus will be open. Employees should coordinate work plans with their supervisors or appointing officers.

For hourly staff, additional information is below regarding reporting on UltraTime.

Yes, the university will still be open and essential personnel should still report to their campus work location.

Faculty and staff should coordinate with their supervisor to adjust their work schedule, if possible, or choose to take a vacation day. Hourly staff, per their contract, have a maximum of sixteen (16) additional hours that may be used by each eligible staff member each calendar year, if necessary, due to inclement weather. 

If you are an essential employee working on campus or if you are working remote, you will still report as regular hours worked in UltraTime. If you are not working remote, you will report it either as vacation (VAC), or SNO (up to 16 hours only per calendar year in the case of inclement weather), or LST if elected to go unpaid.

Employees should coordinate with their supervisors regarding work needs and options for that day.

Page last modified August 25, 2022