Who We Are

As part of the Total Rewards Operations Center team in Human Resources, Payroll is available to process paychecks, taxes and direct deposit forms, and help with all other payroll processes.

Back Hours

Please complete this form if an employee did not submit previously worked hours and the payroll has already been processed. 

Back Hours Submission Form

This form MUST be completed by the supervisor.

Receiving Your Pay

GVSU encourages you to enroll in direct deposit through Banner Self Service. If you choose not to sign up for direct deposit, you will be issued a rapid! PayCard VISA.

Keep Your Data Secure

All passwords are to be treated as sensitive and confidential. Once you have completed your session in Banner Self Service or UltraTime, remember to sign out of the system. Stay up to date on the latest GVSU Cyber Security information.

Page last modified September 9, 2022