Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

To change your tax withholding information, you need to complete a new form and return it to our office (1090 JHZ). If you need to make changes to your direct deposit information, you can do so by logging into your GVSU Self Service Banner account.

Typically, UltraTime hours are due the Monday after the pay period ends by 3:00 p.m.

If you are not enrolled in direct deposit or a Rapid! PayCard, you will be mailed a physical check. It will be mailed to the permanent address we have on file for you.

Employee Self Service allows you to manage your personal information electronically without having to contact or turn in forms. View and/or update your direct deposit allocations, address, phone number, paycheck information, current and previous W-2s, benefits information and more, all through the GVSU Employee Self Service module available through Banner.  

You can change you address one of two ways:

  1. You may change your address information on your GVSU Self Service Banner account.
  2. You may fill out the change of address form and return it to our office.

You may do this in three ways:

  1. Print it off on My Banner 
  2. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:
    • Name
    • G-number (or last 4 digits of SSN)
    • Mailing Address (if you are going to pick up the W-2 in person, please indicate that in the email message and please bring a photo ID with you)
    • Indicate that you would like a reprint of your W-2
  3. You can stop by the Human Resources/Payroll office in 1090 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ) and fill out a W-2 request form. If you are going to pick up the W-2 in person, please bring a photo ID with you.

Please visit for details on how to change your name.

With accurate paperwork completed, the direct deposit process may take up to one pay period to take effect.

Immediately contact payroll ([email protected]) reporting that your check was either lost or stolen. Please give us your name, G-number, and date(s) of check(s) (if known).

The main issue UltraTime has with browsers like Google Chrome or Safari is on the original login page. Both browsers save "cached" versions of pages to save time and make internet browsing faster. Typically, this is useful; however, it also means these browsers will save error versions of pages, giving users the impression that they aren't successfully logging into UltraTime, when they actually are. There are other aspects of both browsers that allow for faster page rendering time, but they aren't compatible with some of the formatting within UltraTime. For both of these reasons, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Page last modified June 13, 2022