Human Resources Network Communities

Looking to expand your professional networks for social and career development? Join a Network Community! There are a number of communities available to you as a GVSU employee. These peer-led groups are for faculty and staff who are looking for support around a variety of shared personal interests and issues. 

Note: Participation in Network Communities should not interfere with regular work responsibilities.

Network Communities

Network Communities are aimed at fostering connections, knowledge sharing, and professional growth within the GVSU community.

Participating in a networking community presents a unique opportunity for you to expand your professional network while connecting on topics that may occur outside of the professional space. Led entirely by employees, each group will have a facilitator or co-facilitators to lead the group who will host meetings on a regular cadence (e.g., monthly) to connect with one another on a shared topic. Facilitating is a great leadership opportunity, empowering you to refine your communication and interpersonal skills, adapt to diverse situations, and cultivate empathy and active listening.

The Human Resources team will support this initiative by providing administrative assistance and coordinating logistics.

Mom Network

The Mom Network is a warm and inclusive community for moms from all walks of life. Our monthly gatherings provide a precious opportunity for you to take off your professional hat and connect with other moms who understand the unique joys and challenges of balancing work and family life. We can't wait to meet you and embark on this wonderful journey of motherhood together.

Learn more about the Mom Network

Sandwich Generation Network

The "sandwich generation" can be defined as a generation of caregivers who are responsible for caring for multiple generations, often their own children and aging parents. If you are a part of this generation, you're not alone. Meet with the Sandwich Generation Network to connect with fellow GVSU faculty and staff members about your unique experiences and share resources.

Pop Culture Network

Whether you're a whiz at all things entertainment or just starting to explore the world of pop culture, join the Pop Culture Network. In this group, faculty and staff from all backgrounds and interests converge to discuss movies, television, music and more. No need to be a superhero expert or a music master to join the party! This group is all about connecting with colleagues who appreciate the diversity of interests that make each of us unique. Come as you are and enjoy the fun of all things pop culture. 

The Book is Always Better

Are you tired of looking for something to stream? Are you bored with the same old computer games? Would like something different to do during your lunch hour? Are you interested in connecting with fellow Lakers? Join The Book is Always Better network community. Every 6 weeks, the club will read and explore a contemporary novel. Read all of the book, if you are able, and come ready to share your thoughts and experiences with the story.

The Book is Always Better: Upcoming Books

Dog Network

The GVSU Dog Network provides an opportunity for dog lovers at GVSU to connect. Throughout the year, they will host pet-friendly gatherings and playdates off-campus, as well as virtual get togethers to share training tips and other resources.

Dad Network

The Dad Network is a space for fathers and caretakers who are employed at GVSU to connect and share resources. We each have our own set of stressors and programs to deal with on a daily basis, and that can be overwhelming (to say the least). When you attend the Dad Network, one thing becomes incredibly clear: you are not alone and many of us are handling similar issues.

Coming Soon

We are excited to announce many more Network Communities are in the works. Stay tuned for more opportunities to come. If you are interested in starting a new Network Community, please reach out to your HR Business Partner.

Communities of Support

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors are all about improving workplace culture, providing peer support, and serving as role models to the Grand Valley State University community. They are the eyes and ears of health and well-being in the workplace. Learn more about Wellness Ambassadors at GVSU. 

Retiree Connection

The Retiree Connection is a space for GVSU retirees to stay connected to each other after retirement. Visit for more information.

Division of Inclusion & Equity Opportunities

Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups

The Division of Inclusion and Equity, with support from the Human Resources Office, is proud to empower our employee affinity groups. These groups host meaningful events, engage in mentoring, and foster community among our underrepresented and diverse faculty, staff, and student populations.

Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups

Interfaith Friendship Groups

Interfaith Friendship Groups provide safe and engaging spaces for you to meet people of different faith traditions or worldviews while enjoying some of your favorite activities.

Interfaith Friendship Groups - Kaufman Institute

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