Human Resources Network Communities

Looking to expand your professional networks for social and career development? Join a Network Community! There are a number of communities available to you as a GVSU employee. These peer-led groups are for faculty and staff who are looking for support around a variety of shared personal interests and issues. Note: Participation in Network Communities should not interfere with regular work responsibilities.

Communities of Support

Wellness Ambassadors

A group of wellness ambassadors taken at the 2019 Ambassador luncheon

Ambassadors are all about changing the workplace culture, providing peer support, and serving as role models. They are the eyes and ears of health in the workplace. Visit the Wellness Ambassador page for more information. 

Retiree Connection

The Retiree Connection is a space for GVSU retirees to stay connected to each other after retirement. Visit for more information.

Parenting Network

Parenting Network: Moms

A Parenting Network is where GVSU faculty and staff can connect over the shared experience of being a parent and/or caregiver.

Caregiver Support

Elder Care support group

The Caregivers Support Group seeks to provide an authentic space for caregivers to share resources and discuss their experiences together.

Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of individuals from all GVSU employee groups who share and implement the best practices in a particular topic area. There are student organizations across campus to support engagement in various mindfulness practices. In addition, the Community Service and Learning Center organizes the annual Make a Difference Day, a national day of service that encourages students to volunteer in their community. 

Current Communities of Practice include:

Young Professionals in Higher Education

Young Professionals in Higher Education is designed to support and connect those who share the goal of developing a successful and satisfying career in higher education. Learn more at

Lean-In 2.0: Professional Development & Things That Matter To Us

The Grand Valley Lean In Circle meets monthly and is open to all faculty, staff and community members. Based on the book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together and discuss topics related to career success. Attendees show up authentically and promote dialogue about issues and opportunities related to helping all women reach their full potential. Monthly meeting dates are posted on

Division of Inclusion and Equity Opportunities

Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups

The Division of Inclusion and Equity, in partnership with the Human Resources Office, is proud to support our employee affinity groups. These groups host meaningful events, engage in mentoring, and foster community among our underrepresented and diverse faculty, staff, and student populations. Visit the Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups webpage for more information.

Interfaith Affinity Groups

Interfaith Affinity Groups provide safe and engaging spaces for you to meet people of different faith traditions or worldview while enjoying some of your favorite activities. Visit for more information.

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