Wellness Ambassador Network

Ambassadors are all about changing the workplace culture, providing peer support, and serving as role models. They are the eyes and ears of health in the workplace. The three main functions of a Wellness Ambassador include:

Champion and Cheerleader.
Champions provide energy and enthusiasm, getting peers engaged in healthy behaviors at work. They are the people who say “let’s take the stairs,” or encourage participation in mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.

Education and Communication Support.
Ambassadors educate about the benefits of health in the workplace. They can forward newsletters, emails, post flyers, and use word of mouth to circulate information.

Local Implementer.
Ambassadors are right at the place a person works! Ambassadors can organize walking groups, model stretch breaks, manage wellness challenges, arrange for speakers and advocate for healthy foods in the workplace.

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Top 10 Challenge

Complete all 10 activities with our Top 10 Challenge to learn more about yourself and what GVSU has to offer to support your positive health and well-being. When done, send your completed worksheet to [email protected] we'll send you some GV swag! If GV swag isn't your thing, simply send us your worksheet for bragging rights. This challenge is open to all faculty and staff, so get everyone involved by sharing it with your department.

Challenge Completers

To those of you who have completed the challenge, THANK YOU! Thank you for investing time into your own well-being, and for helping us to promote wellness to the broader GVSU community. We appreciate you!

  • Ingrid Johnson
  • Heather Gulgin
  • Tammy Brasic

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